Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One month later.... introducing... Lillian Ruth!

 AND ONE MONTH LATER.... we are still alive. And can I say how excited I am for a baby girl!

Think of the sewing!  Actually, at the moment I can't even begin to think about sewing but in the future I see adorable little diaper covers and dresses.  :)

I am just starting to feel like I have some sort of handle on my day. It was quite an adjustment. I told her when she was born that she was our guinea pig and since she didn't object I think she is OK with that. I had one month photos taken last week. I am looking forward to seeing them when they get back from the photographer.

But I have been spending a lot of time on Pintrest since I've been breastfeeding, so I am sure something creative will occur sooner or later.

:) It's A GIRL!

Friday, May 30, 2014

New projects

I have a few projects in the works I thought I would document. In April of last year, I documented the start of these feedsack cross blocks. I also noted at that time that I had these fabric scraps for 2 years previously. Thanks blog for confirming my hoarding tendencies! This week I had the itch to work on this project again. I have learned a lot about vintage fabrics and how delicate they can be. I decided that I need to make my little showcase/print sampler quilt and pass on the remaining scraps. I doubt I would use this quilt full time once completed but I know I will love looking at it. I am drawn to the history of these fabrics, the way they helped market common goods, how women searched and sought out prints to sew with them in their own homes, and the beautiful cotton texture of each feedsack.  

74 blocks later I have them laid out on the spare bed. Each block measures 6.5"x6.5". I think I need to add an extra row before adding the boarders. I plan on backing the quilt with a pieced backing of plain off white feedsacks that have words of the former contents printed on them. 

But this is #3 on the list of WIP quilts. I need to finish two baby quilts before I spend more time on this one. I have a deadline on the other two quilts.....

39 weeks pregnant today! We didn't find out the gender so I made a boy and a girl quilt. Both tops are done and are ready to baste and quilt. I haven't mentioned a thing on this blog about our struggles with pregnancy, but after years of infertility we are beyond excited to welcome this joy into our lives.  I am currently on maternity leave (I travel quite a bit for work so I get to start my leave two weeks prior to the due date) so between cleaning, organizing, resting, and sewing I may actually be on here more often. 


Friday, February 14, 2014

A Hot Mess

Valentine Confession: I have started a sewing project that I am completely out of love with now.

It started off well. Good intentions. Using up scraps. Trying a new technique. I have seen so many other quilters turn scraps into improv quilt blocks (ala Denise Schmidt) into gorgeous works of art. They always say, "don't edit" and "just pick a piece of fabric and sew." Well, my friends, I am here to tell you I stink at it and can't stand to look at what I have sewn together. 

I even got together with a sewing friend recently and she helped me sew up a few more blocks. Loved the time we had together, but when I got home and spread all the blocks on the floor my husband's response just confirmed my fears. He just stared at the haphazard arrangement on the floor and asked if I intentionally made this because (in his words) it looked like a "crafting disaster." 

And it does. 

So now I have 20 or so 12x12" blocks and I don't even want to keep them. Can you help me see the beauty in this mess? What would you do with them? Would you just sewing them together and be done with it? Maybe hack the blocks apart and pair them with a solid?

Can this be saved? Can I fall back in love with this project? 

Love is a fickle thing. And I am ready to call it quits!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Selfish sewing- travel garment bag

Next week I leave for a business trip to GA. (Please, no bad weather on the east coast going to or from!) 

Every time I travel I wish I had a garment bag. Either to place an extra pair of shoes or to bring dirty laundry home in. Every time I travel I usually end up swiping the dry cleaning bag from the hotel closet for these purposes. They work, but they are not as cute as this (excuse the iPad photos): 

It is fairly large (17x20''-ish) with a zipper top. Lined with an ivory poly lining found at a thrift store ages ago. The exterior fabric is called Wash Day Washing Line Blue designed by The Henley Studio for Andover fabrics. (Find it onsale here- 

I used a half yard for the exterior. For a more spacious interior and to keep that slippery poly lining in place, I boxed the corners and tacked the flap to the exterior with little yellow buttons. I probably have thousands of buttons, but do you know how hard it was to find two yellow buttons the same size?! Remarkably so. 

Reorganizing my fabric stash definitely has had a positive effect on my creative output. Next on the sewing to-do list are some clothing makeovers. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 quilt top and back done!

This week I finished the quilt top AND finished the pieced backing for a small quilt. 

Fabrics included in quilt top: border print from Kate Spain's Terrain collection. Kona 'snow' used as the white sashing. And the prints are a mix of Bonnie and Camille's 'Bliss' fabric and Olive Tree Textiles 'Fandango'. 

The back is pieced because my math skills failed me, but I still am a fan. I knew I was going to have a hard time locally sourcing either a Fandango or Bliss print for the back. But I have to give a high five to Bonnie and Camille for coordinating their fabric lines because the large floral print is from their 'Scrumptious' line and it works really well! I know the background color of this print reads blue on screen but in person it is on the green side of aqua but too blue to call a mint. I wonder what they call this color?  The red polka dot is from their 'Bliss' line and the small print on the end is also a 'Scrumptious' print. 

I love shopping for fabric online, but I am really proud to say all the fabrics for this quilt I found at my Local Quilt Store. I hope to get this sandwiched together with some batting this weekend. I may attempt to quilt this myself in something other than straight lines. I am not much of a football fan. More of a "I'm just here for the food" kind of fan. So hopefully I can tackle this while the game is on instead. :) 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Show and Tell

Hello January! Where did you come from? I think the snowy weather we have been getting in Pennsylvania has put me in the sewing mood. Over Christmas I attacked my sewing room. Sewing old WIPs, sorting, donating, installing shelves in closets, and folding fabric neatly. All that fabric sorting made me fall back in love with some of my stash. Maybe two years ago, my local sewing store started stocking Moda fabric and during a sale they has precuts available. I purchased what I think they call a candy bar? It had little 2x4 inch rectangles of 4 different fabric lines. Cute, but I never could figure out what to do with with them. That is until this week. I pulled them out and in an instant two little packs turned into the photo above. I don't sew too many blankets but this one is coming along nicely. 

Over Christmas I accomplished some selfish sewing. I finally got around to sewing the Emily bag from Amy Butler used this pattern to highlight her laminate fabrics last year. That is where I saw it first. I used some older Ikea fabric and made leather handles. It is huge! The directions are pretty good. I constructed the handles slightly differently that printed and if I make the bag again I would add 2'' to the handle length. As they are right now, it is a tight fit to wear this bag over the shoulder. 

A couple of old WIPs were all cut out and interfaced. Just needed some sewing time! I made a couple of leather fold over clutches. This one is my favorite. I also did some painting over Christmas. I now have a black wall in my home. I'm really liking it. 

Finished these zipper pouches using scraps. The strip fabric is a beautiful linen cut on the bias. I bought the whole bolt. I want to use it in everything. 

I still have some sewing organizing to finish. When I am done EVERYTHING needs to fit in the closet. Nice and tidy. That is the plan anyways.

Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 Garden

This years garden was almost non-existent. We have the garden project which has been slow going and is just going to take more time than originally planned. I did pick up a fig tree this year and I was rewarded with a handful of fresh figs!

I threw a couple of 2012 zinnia seeds in the ground later in the spring and have been rewarded with a few blooms this fall.  

In the 2013 Parks Seed catalogue, one plant caught my attention. It was a grass called Bunny Tails. Now I am not a crazy gardener. There was no way I was going to plant an unknown grass in my perennial bed and have it become an invasive species. So it was planted in a pot. It is a very common looking grass and at first I wasn't sure it wasn't a "weed". And my cat loved to chew on its leaves. It was mowed down most of the summer. Which when I think about it, is he does have an affinity for baby bunnies (sadly) so eating a planted named Bunny Tails seemed appropriate. It just started producing these super soft and fluffy seed heads. 

My holly hocks are in there second wind. New fall blooms!

The ever present Garden project. Hey, it takes me five years to finish a quilt. I hope this doesn't follow suit. 

Lime light hydrangeas planted Dec 2012. Purchased these beauties for $2 each.

Before I know it the frost will be here again. This summer seemed to fly by faster than any other summer in recent memory. Next week I plan on slowing down and enjoy an extended weekend away with my husband to celebrate 7 years of marriage! Can't wait!